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You may have a successful blog, or you published a series of articles or short stories in webs or paper magazines. Great! A good idea can be to publish a compilation of these articles (or the best ones…), to offer them as a whole.

However, you must take care of some issues, when creating such compilations.

For example, if you have a devoted public, always expecting something new from your side, they might not welcome just a listing of previous publications. They might expect some introduction or justification for the new book, or maybe some “guiding” indications that show continuity between posts, as you put them in some logical order.

You may also add some new contents, to complement or complete your original work. Bear in mind again that your readers may need a justification to buy your book.

Of course, if you are very prolific at writing, you may extend your publication to several books, too. Currently there is a trend of publishing (and filming) trilogies – as it seems, you cannot close a story in only one book.

In case you are indeed planning to publish several books with a common line, you will also have to take further decisions, such as the way that you will be releasing the different books:

  • You may choose to publish all of them with a short time between one and the following one, which can be used to tease your readers with a first, engaging, low-priced book, so that they will buy the regularly-priced following books.
  • Alternatively, you may opt for the planned publication at some “given” dates, so that your public can know when to expect a new release from your side.

The decision on which way to go will depend on the kind of promotion you want to do, and the expected behaviour from your side: some readers will want frequent updates, whereas some others may read you only during vacation.

If you decide to act as editor, compiling works from different authors, all of the above applies, too. You should look for a common line to introduce the different parts to the reader in a logic, sequential reading. Remember, a book is not a website anymore, where you may jump from one end to the other.


Publishing: Compilations

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