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Another usual practice is (as in the case of the Spanish version of this book) to re-edit previous books.

As I commented in previous sections, printing on demand does not need to produce huge batches of books; there is no stock issue anymore. You will not have a heap of old books laying around and you will not need to plan the new batch in advance.

However, you may want to update the contents, adding or deleting some parts, maybe even changing the order of your sections, in order to make it nicer to your readers.

In most cases, you will need to go through the whole edition process that we will explain shortly, as if it was a brand new book. Of course, you can reuse the previous valid texts and images from the previous edition.

But surely you will find that you introduced too many important changes (well, this is what justifies a new edition…), even your page count may have increased.

For any editor or printer, this will mean a completely new product, with its own reference number, or ISBN (we will see the ISBN in a next section).

For you, this can mean to have two different books on sale at the same time, if you want to. You may lower the price of the previous version, or rather remove it from the market completely. Once again, it is your decision.


Publishing: Re-editions

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