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Your editor will most likely post a link to your book in its own web site. It will be listed in their search tool, and they may even register it in bigger online shops such as Amazon.

Still, it can be difficult for your potential readers to find among the millions of books available in online stores. Maybe the kind of book is not usual for the selected editor (in my case, CreateSpace does a lot of novels, but few practical or technical books like this one).

Anyway, you should take responsibility on the promotion of your own work if you are not a famous writer. This will mean defining a “global” Internet-presence strategy, so that the information on your new book can reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Here you can find a list of recommendations towards the definition of your own strategy (in fact, similar to those needed for any other online business):

  • Create (or contract) your own author’s webpage, to provide some reference on your works, maybe a more general view on your profile and links to other sites of (your) interest. This way, you will be closer to your potential readers.
  • Create a Facebook Page (important: not a personal profile). Here you can get followers that can be informed periodically on your progress, presentations, new publications… besides, this is a safe communications channel (you do not need to provide personal email addresses, for example).
  • If you use it, create a dedicated Twitter account to add one more channel to your readers. This can also be used to announce public events with very short notice.
  • Contract (if you have the budget) an online advertisement campaign, such as Google AdWords. References to your book will appear in related searches according to parameters you can define (gender, age, personal interest of the person making the search…).
  • Create your own blog, to keep your presence online (in a similar way as your Facebook page). Write on related topics, even if it is not on your own production: book fairs, meetings, events related to the topics in your books...
  • Participate in editor’s forums, in order to contact authors with similar profiles than yours, to share experiences and to give or get help in editing or publishing topics.
  • Collaborate with other writers, proofreading their work and letting them do so with yours. As previously indicated, this is a nice way to meet people with similar interests to yours.
  • Investigate further options, such as Goodreads.com, a portal (bought by Amazon) where readers and writers recommend books and interchange opinions on the books they have read.
Publishing: Sit and wait?

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