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In August 2011, Wikio Experts (the platform where I initially published my posts on image edition and photography) went bankrupt, with just a few explanations posted in their portal. 

They reached an agreement with the Over-Blog platform, so that suddenly I had a  blog, with most of my posts transferred directly. Since I had the chance of adapting the look and content blocks, until I reached the web that you can see now. 

One of the elements that I introduced almost from the beginning was a visitors' counter, as a globe that you can see down on the right. If it works properly, you will also see your approximate location where you connect from...

Well, that counter just reached 20,000 last night. There is some difference in respect to the integrated Over-Blog counter (which indicated 21,308 at that moment), due to the couple of months difference from the move to Over-Blog to the installation of the counter, and a slightly different way to count the unique visits. And each visit has read an average 1,42 posts from the blog...

Anyway, this is an important milestone for me... and I hope for you, too. I will try to publish frequently (and yes, practical posts, too). 

Let's go for the next 20,000!

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