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With the first week of January already gone, I would like to comment here what 2013 meant for me, from this blog. 

For me, 2013 was a year of big changes, starting with the move to Germany. New country, new job, new customs - and, maybe, new interests. 

If you have followed my posts, you will know that last year I published two books (you may see them on the links on the right), both as paperback and ebooks. I did not expect to have sales, but in fact I do sell a few each month (remember, for the paperback editions you may use the permanent discounts on the CreateSpace store).

Interestingly, the English version of "Levels and Curves with GIMP" is slowly becoming my best product... I am starting to consider the publication in English only - but I am reluctant, since I want to see the contents in Spanish grow. 

I kept on publishing posts here, but with a reduced frequency. I concentrate in photography and image edition, and not anymore on computing or technology. 

Still (and I cannot understand it...) my most read posts are the same: What is the FAT format, how to recover deleted files, what is TTL technology in a flash

In 2013, I also decided to start my "professional" web page, AGBDesign.es. I hope to have the online shop running in a few days, to be able to offer my books (and maybe, printed photos) directly, to avoid comissions from thrird parties and to offer better prices. 

In parallel to all the above, I am preparing some update on my books, and some new ones, which (if I get some free time) I should publish during 2014.

So we will still have this blog for some time. And the web, books...

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