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No, no, I will not sell a new hair colour to you. Pantone is not Pantène.

Pantone is a company that works in colour standardization, so that a ginve colour can be used in a uniform way on any support or surface. Either on screen, printed on a paper or in a clothes piece, there must be some way to define exactly a colour, to be able to repeat it later on. 

This kind of standardization is very important in areas like company branding (logos, presentation, brochures, stationery) and fashion industry. And this is where Pantone makes its money, be it selling colour samples (single colour or catalogues with thousands of colours), or certifying the validity of the "produced" colours. 

To keep the market moving (this is very welcome in the fashion industry, for example), Pantone selects certain colour combinations every year, as proposal for the general design world. And, among all these colours, they pick a "colour of the year". Well, this year the colour is called "Radiant Orchid", and you can see it in the following frame:


HTML code for it is "#B163A3", and RGB values are (177, 99, 163). On the Pantone web page you may find further information, if you need it. 

So you have one (more) excuse to update your blog or web to the new colours...

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