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Versión en español

I am working slowly in my Photography Notes. As it seems, I would not teach those until September, the soonest. So I am taking my time to review contents, planning all needed graphics and artwork. 

Pending on the reception of the first printing-proof of my current launch (Niveles y Curvas con GIMP, levels and curves with GIMP, in Spanish), I am afraid the Photography Notes will not look good at all in small, black and white ebook readers... So I decided to format it as my first book, in a bigger size (7 by 10 inches, a standard size available at CreateSpace). Ebook version will have to wait for a while...

And I will use Scribus again, to format out all hints and tips, to introduce chapter separation, full glossary... 

Here you can still collaborate - What do you miss in photography books?

By the way, cost per page remains unchanged from the originally proposed size (5.5 by 8.5 inches), so there will be no penalty on the final selling price - and readability will be improved!

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