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I had questions from several people on the very process of publication while marketing my previous books. 

Of course, there is no secret here. You just need to know the process, the tools and how to write with some skill. Then, publishing, marketing and royalty earning are just a later step. 

With different people I was discussing different aspects. Then, a new idea came clear to me: if so many people (just from my nearest contacts) was interested in publishing, how many people would really buy a book on that? 

So in the last few months I was writing some short texts on different topics. Original idea was to post them in this blog, but contents were relatively big, so I decided to publish this as a book, too. 

Publicacion Online Cover small

Now it was revised and approved by CreateSpace (paperback) and Amazon (eBook) - so you can get it already...

Still learning, novelty for me is to investigate the possibility of really distributing through retail stores and book shops - and this would be really exciting... 

So far, no english version, maybe next time... 

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