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After one and a half years with published books, I can say that my first book, "Blanco y Negro con The GIMP" is the one selling best as paperback (remember to check the active discounts for the CreateSpace online shop, if you want to buy there).

However, as electronic book the one that is making the most is, interestingly, the one I did in English, "Levels and Curves with GIMP" (translation of the original "Niveles y Curvas con GIMP", in Spanish). By the way, both of them are also available as paperback, if you prefer them so.

Let's see how my books perform in 2014... anyway, and as I already anounced before, I am working in several releases for this year. Slowly, I am working on the following:

  • Notes on Photography (in Spanish): Texts are almost done, only sample pictures and lots of graphs and diagrams are missing
  • Update of "Niveles y Curvas con GIMP", to include Supergrey and edition with masks
  • Update of "Publicación Online - hazlo tú mismo", with an extened editors' list and more contents

And there are still some more things, but they are just preliminary projects... In parallel, I am on the first steps of the AG&AG Project, from which you could already read in this blog lately. But this is a long term project...

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