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Latest news: 

  • May 2nd: The night from April 30th to May 1st my counter passed 1,400 visitors. Ratios are stabilizing, with Spain (30%) and Mexico (13%) as main visitors...
  • April 17th: I decided NOT to updated this article weekly. At least, I will try to make it once a month... Today the counter went at 1,000 visits (#1,000 from Spain). I also had some exotic visits (Ukraine, Fiji...). Average remains at 200 visits / week, with just 30% from Spain.
  • March 30th: Last night the counter went over 500 hits; during this week I had my first visit from Africa (Kenya). Barely a 30% are Spanish visitors, but Spanish pages are the most promoted and read - of course, If I include all Americas, this makes way above 50%...
  • March 23rd:  I made over 300 visits already... I start to see a trend; of course, I have more visits from Spanish-speaking countries, but also from more exotic (for me...) countries, such as Mauritius. Visit #200 came from Iowa (USA), #300 was from Barcelona (Spain).
  • March 15th: I reached 100 single visits in a week... I will update the map weekly, so that you can see the evolution of visits to my blog.... by the way, number #100 was from Brussels (Belgium) - was it you?
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