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Versión en español

Yes, you have heard a million times by now that I published several books. All of them can be purchased (either as paperback or as eBook) from Amazon sites, and you can get paperback versions also from the editor, CreateSpace.

Funny thing here is the whole automated process at Amazon. When writing this, I had sold officially FIVE units of my first book (Blanco y Negro con The GIMP, in Spanish), not taking into account the ones distributed directly by me; this made my book to be the 36,413th most sold book :) cool.

I already sold ONE copy of my new book in Spanish (Niveles y Curvas con GIMP) through Amazon, and this made it to be 44,773th in their selling list. Wow. 

SO this is what you get when you work with databases, SQL and all that stuff. A lot of useless information. I wonder if I will ever get in the top 100? Naaaaaah

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