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In this case, the lonesome rose was already separated from the background. To improve the effect, I used a big aperture, controlling the speed value, so that it remained within acceptabe values.

Edits 4626 p-copia-1  Edits 4628 bn500050 MdD p

The result was not very satisfiying to me. Leaves were too distracting, and the clear band in the background did also take its share of attention. Besides, the image was (maybe) too dynamic due to its portrait orientation, with the curved (tallo) leading to the bright leaves. 

I dediced to go for a format change, to landscape. I removed both the (tallo) and the leaves. 

And, since I was already editing, I rotated slightly the image - check the bright band in the background. 

Then, I analyzed the colour information in the channels. Red could produce, logically, a very bright flower. Blue contained a lot of texture in the (blurred) palm bark. Finally, green channel was mostly present in the background, which I decided to darken, in order to provide some added contrast to the rose. 

So I set the values R50%, G0% and B50%. Since the original image included already a blurred background, I applied an "Unsharp Mask" to recover some detail in the rose...

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