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This image is the result of some strange vacation, full with rain; during a few days in May 2013, the Tegernsee lake (in Bavaria, Germany) was flooded. This statue was meant to be in a lakeside promenade, but it was completely surrounded with water...

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In spite of containing most shades, the image looked somehow "washed", with the folded, yellow shades as main distraction. 

In this case, the image included poor detil in the red channel, except for the highlights. However, this was the reason why it kept a high contrast, so I decided to keep some of it. The green channel was too uniform, providing the overall lack of contrast and the "washed" look. Finally, the blue channel included intereting texture information, both in the leaves over the statue nd in the reflections on the water.  

So I applied the values (50, 0, 50) with the channel mixer. To enhance the statue a bit more. I applied an "Unsharpen Mask" to the overall image - the effect would be stronger in the focused items. Then I applied a traditional colouring technique, in this case a Silver Gelatin one, which gives a warm tone, but softer than sepia, for example...

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