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This image, captured in the pre-alpine region of Bavaria, intended to be a minimalistic rendering. The texture in the hill is produced by cows, as they stroll on bland grounds in the rainy season (Spring). 

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Colour image did not show much colour, indeed. A clear option would have been the saturation increase, until some (in my opinion) unrealistic colours could be obtained, as frequently seen in commercial postcards. 

Instead, I decided to produce a black and white image, concentrating in the hill and tree textures.

Then, I made an analysis of the colour channels, Green channel showed a wide latitude, from the brightest tones to the shadows in the tree; blue channel was, in this case, too soft and did not bring in much information. Then, red channel, as opposite to green, included much contrast information in the hill texture. 

So I made a simple conversion with the channel mixer and the set of values (50, 50, 0). 

Finally, I applied a "S" curve, to still increase contrast a bit...

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