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In this case, my first approach was to try and highlight some specific colour upon converting to black and white. However, as you may know if you follow this blog (or if you read my book, in Spanish, on conversion to black and white), all colours rendered quite similar grey tones.

So I decided to go for a selective colouring. In a first step, I duplicated the colour image in a new layer, and I made a channels edition with the values R25%, G0%, B75%. This lightened the blue lock on the right, and darkened some of the background areas (a river).

Then I recovered the red lock by deleting the image information in the upper layer, so that lower, unchanged one would be visible. 

Once I was happy with the result, I flattened the image and applied a curves adjustment, in this case with a "S" shape, to increase contrast and to recover some texture from the upper concrete block...

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