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In this case, I almost discarded the image... It came out too bright, and any try to recover some color by saturation adjustment produced not-so-real results...  

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Once again, I decided to go for a monochrome render. A first automatic levels adjustment darkened the original image, distributing all tones evenly all along the range.

With this change as starting point, I did a black and white conversion with channels. Red one had a lot of texture information on the wooden post and scratched metal; blue channel had good information of lights and shines. On the contrary, the green channel did not really have much to say. So I went for the following values: R80%, G0%, B20%.

Still the image was a bit too bright (levels adjustment is linear), so I applied a curves adjustment, in this case a "U" shape, to darken it, but keeping the high lights.

To reduce the effect of the background (still too bright!) I applied a vignetting, which also helped in bringing the attention to the central objects. 

Finally, I selected a "silver gelatin" traditional toning effect. 

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