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  • 01/09/12: August has been "weird"... I did not spend much time here, thus my Blogrank has dropped, together with visitors, viewed pages and pages per visitor ratio, currently around 1.5. Anyway, CPM improved, so I maintained income level...
  • 01/08/12: In July I was one week off - and quite busy at work. So my blog activities were reduced - and the results, too, accordingly. Blog position still the same (not updated), blogrank dropped... I need to work some more here...
  • 01/07/12: End of July has been quite positive, in the last week I made a bit over 1€... my blogrank dropped one point, I have same number of visitor (but they check less pages). My overall ranking has dropped down to #489... 
  • 01/06/12: I Improved most of my statistics... except for the CPM. Best of all (as I already advanced a few days ago), my ranking rised up to #406... I finished May with daily average values of 35 visits and 54 pages. Income has also increased, just slightly...
  • 02/05/12: I finished April with more average visitors and income, but interestingly my blogrank dropped... So I guess I'm doing something wrong. Mi objectives for May are 40 visitors and 50 pages per day - We'll see! In the meantime, Over-blog does not update ranlkings... :(


Month Ranking Blogrank* CPM* Visitors* Monthly income
Dic 2011 #1110 7 0,00€ 2 0,90€
Ene 2012 #1110 8 0,47€ 6 1,04€
Feb 2012 #769 20 2,65€ 12 1,93€
Mar 2012 #769 45 7,35€ 23 2,69€
Apr 2012 #769 39 8,43€ 28,5 2,91€
May 2012 #406 47 6,20€ 35 3,20€
Jun 2012 #489 46 7,02€ 35 3,38€
Jul 2012 #489 42 7,80€ 35 3,27€
Aug 2012 #489 37 8,94€ 29 3,70€

* Blogrank values, CPM and visitors are daily averages, as provided by Over-blog statistics.

Since some months ago, Over-blog is providing me with information on my ranking in their Spanish blogs listing (I could not link my posts to an English OB portal). 

In January 2012, I was reported to be #1,110. That month, they observed 179 single visitors (about 6 per day...) and a total 282 visited pages. As a curiosity, this meant the wonderful amount of 1,04€ (One Euro and four cents) as a payment from them to my PayPal account, as comission. Wow. I already ordered my Ferrari.

To make these calculations, Over-blog is using a formula that uses a Blogrank value (from 0 to 100), which measures the activity of the blog, visitors' interest and a couple of things more. 

This blogrank is then fed to the formula, together with the number of visitors and the CPM, which results my daily benefit. In my case, it was 0,03€ per day. Again, wow.

Just for the fun of it (and some curiosity...) I will keep this post updated monthly with my progress in Over-blog ranking, so you can see my improvement (or not...). Yet still I don't know how many bloggers has Over-blog in Spanish... I just checked Over-Blog, and we have 1974 blogs (as of April 17th) ranked... so I'm above the average, anyway!Obviously, I will not make a living out of this - at least in the next couple of years... Would you help me in improving this situation? Then, please share this blog among your friends...

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