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1st of June. During May, Thursday was my peak day, and Saturday the worse one, in terms of visits.

During this month, every visitor saw an average 1.5 pages, from 1.66 on Wednesdays down to 1.44 on Sundays. 

As a summary, I had 1,103 visitors, watching 1,682 pages... much more than expected - keep pushing!


Previously (April 30th)...

 Today, April 30th 2012, I get my first statistics on my visitors.

After six months or so since I begun with this blog, official counter speaks about 2172 different visitors, almost 300 per month. Actually, most visits happened in the last months, with March and Apriil over 700.

I don't have a "peak" day, being Wednesday and Thursday the ones with most visitors (just over 350, rolling), then Saturdays with fewer ones (slightly above 250).

Each visitor checks abour 1.6 pages, with higher values (1.7) on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the contrary, people sees just 1.54 pages on Thursdays and barely 1.43 on Sundays...

So my main visitors do connect on Wednesdays. And they forget about me on weekends... Do people connect from work to visit my blog? Interesting...

By the way - when did you read this? - tell me about it...

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