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As I anounced in my previous post, I just bought a new film scanner. Now, I will tell you some more about my plans...

I have in my locker room a collection (several thousands...) of colour slides from my uncle. Some of these slides are maybe 45 years old, and in them you can see many different places all around Europe. Some can be easily recognized, some other not. 

My intention is to travel to the same places my uncle did, many years ago, and repeat the same pictures. The idea is to capture the changes in the different cities: cars, clothers, advertisement, people... If everything goes as planned, this might end in one or several nice books...

But for this I need your help: I am sure I will not know where most of the pictures were taken. So I will be posting them (either here, or in my "official" web page, or in the Facebook one...) asking for your help in recognizing the places. If you live there, you might also help in taking the pictures!

And, I need a name for this. So far it is "Alberto Garcia & Alberto Garcia Project" (as my name is just like my uncle's), but maybe something fancier would do... any idea?

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