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So I did it. Last week, I bought a new film scanner, a Rollei 290 HD. You can see the promotional picture here: 


Yes, you may know that I already have a film scanner from Plustek. Most likely, image quality is better (at least, if you do not consider colour noise). But it is just soooo slow! And, most important, the new one has a slide feeder!

Now I am working with some slide colections from my uncle. Several thousands of them. Good point here, is that I can scan one slide every three seconds or so... so that I can make a full 40 magazine in a couple of minutes (just basic settings!)... It is like eating chips. You cannot stop...

So I will start a new, long planned project. I will post some information here, and also on my "professional" web and Facebook pages. And, do you know what? I might need your help for this project... Maybe I can even plan some contest. Not a bad idea...

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