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I am checking the options provided by Over-blog. One of the most attractive ones (at this moment) is the possibility of directly selling my work - in this case, I'm thinking of my photographies. 

Inside my random images (you may see them in my blog's landing page or as online album), you will see some samples of my work.

venta-iconos 3076 bn02575 vp  venta-iconos 3083 bn07525 cSp

In fact, those are NOT the pictures I intend to sell - in a few days I will create a new album with preliminary sampling.

venta-iconos 3004e fhdr bn255025p  venta-iconos 3069e bn252550 v m#ecb583p  

I am still checking those details. As it seems, there is still some trouble with Paypal payments... until then, if you are interested in some picture, we might discuss this directly...

venta-iconos 0322 eLp  venta-iconos 3095 bn25075 m vp  

I still need to check some other topics, such as copyrighting and contracts (if needed)... any help from your side?

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