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After years of control by the big companies (camera manufacturers, Adobe...) it seems things start to change, and people dares to introduce changes in photo technology.

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People form TriggerTrap has achieved to include, in a single device, functions which were only available separately - and at a much higher cost.
Their proposal is a remote camera trigger, compatible with most cameras with trigger input (most SLRs, many bridge and some compact ones). OK, nothing new so far. Novelty here is the introduction of multiple, different inputs, so that we can release the shutter by sound, some electric signal (a switch under the door mat?) or even a laser light - from today on, alarm systems in spy films are affordable at home.
Furthermore, the device can be programmed, and it has a delayed trigger function, so that time-lapse imaging is possible, independently from a computer, to be edited as films later on. We have all seen documentary films with decaying flowers, rotting fruit or melting icecubes... Now this kind of filming is possible at home.
Further traditional functions can be easily achieved: TriggerTrap can be used as control for slave flashes, with signal from a photo cell as input.
This development could be done thanks to the Arduino development, an open platform which allows for the development of almost any idea you may think of - even the craziest ones. And here is where the "freak team" can play a role: TriggerTrap was developed over the Arduino platform, thus it is open source.
This way, any advanced user will be able to develop new applications, or rather, to modify already existing ones, to adapt them to specific use-cases... Arduino systems do include USB interface, so programming can be made easily from any PC.
Currently, TriggerTrap is in its launch phase. According to their web, first assemblies will be made in an almost manual way, amounts will be scarce. Thus its (relatively) high pricing. However, this is a great starting point for a winter home project... generic Arduino kits are really easy to find on the Internet - Me, personally I have already contacted a couple of friends with some ideas...

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