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Well, it seems it was yesterday... but it's been already three years since the launch of GIMP 2.6. At that point, it added a great impulse to open software, competing with non-free applications from commercial companies.


Anyway, something is moving inside the GIMP development group. This weekend (May 4th), the new version 2.8 wasreleased (version 2.7.4 was a first draft migration to GEGL with some patches and bugfixing), which has many new features compared with the previous 2.6, for example:

- GIMP 2.8 will be fully migrated to GEGL (Generic Graphics Library), an open framework for image processing

- This framework allows for the work with up to 32 bits, thus GIMP will be able to handle RAW files (at last!)

- Likewise, GIMP will work natively with 16-bit PNG, and it will be able to process and save EXR and HDR files...

As soon as it is available, I will review my posts to confirm that everything is still working as expected - and I may start introducing the new features, too.

For more information, you may check http://www.gimp.org and http://www.gegl.org

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