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Versión en español

Well, since my last post, I made some improvement. If you read it, main changes have been (more or less):

- I reduced font size down to 9.5 point, I hope this is not too small... I still keep facetype as Century Gothic, although some texts imported from the previous layout are proving to look better in Arial - small type sizes for image captions can be better read this way...

- I still "fight" to keep the pages number below 255. This forced me to remove some planned sections, such as the description of the zones system from Ansel Adams and its implementation in GIMP, or the use of the external program RAWTherapee (also free!) for the edition of RAW files.

- I am introducing some hyphens to improve texts adjustment to margins. This allows for a more compact layout. Automated function in Scribus has still some problems with Spanish, so I am making this manually...

- Good news is that the transfer of the step-by-step examples from the previous layout is simpler than I expected. I will not need to make all screen captures again.

So far, my objective is to finish the book at 224 pages. I have already contents for around 200 ones, and some open point to develop... I think I am in the right direction!

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