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I review my web statistics quite often. The counter I installed from Revolvermaps.com confirms (more or less...) the numbers I get daily from Over-Blog. 

Still I can see that the "world-wide" web is not such: In spite of writing both in English and Spanish, there are several "blank" zones in the map, from which I get no visits at all.


Many of those areas (Brazilian Amazon, Sahara desert, Himalaya or the Russian flats) may have a logical explanation, since those are mostly not populated.

However, there are other areas (Africa, Asia, Oceania) accounting for just a few visits - which leads to (at least) three main thinking lines: 

  • My posts are not interesting in those areas. It is difficult for me to believe that out of 3,5 billion people in Asia (China, India...) I get maybe a dozen visitors.
  • Over-Blog works with an advertisements' supplier that does NOT promote data traffic to those areas (no valid potential customers). I guess this has to do with Google, too - around 60% of my visits are results of web searches on that page. 
  • People in those areas does not have access to Internet - most likely, also not even to a computer. Maybe this is the most important point - and the saddest one. Actions like OLPC (One laptop per child) come just too slow, and the technological breach may be causing already too much damage...

What is you opinion? Of course, the third point is the one requiring attention. Do you know of some NGOs that deals with technology introduction into developing countries? Just say it, we can support them from here...

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