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In my last post, I already indicated that I want to go (one year...) to the CES in Las Vegas.


Sony has just announced they will present their range of XQD memory cards (developed by the Compact Flash asociation) there.


More speed, to work with the (also new) D4 camera from Nikon (Where are my Canon friends?), together with a compatible card reader (also USB3.0) and a PCIExpress adapter.


We still don't have final pricing, but it seems (as always) they will be over the $100+ range. To be added to the new camera body, and to a new computer capable to handle all these data with ease. You can count on me. In five years or so.


Of course, there are some initial numbers, like $129 for the smaller card (16Gb). When I compare this with my current SDHC cards (Class 10, about 20€ in internet), there is no discussion here...


Anyway, the possibility of shooting up to 100 RAW files at 10fps may be interesting. The card will be filled quickly, so you will need several of those, you know. But this will be the case only if you do action sports photography...

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