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This early night, between 02:00 and 03:00AM I had my visitor number 15,000, according to Revolvermaps counter. He / she came from America (either Mexico or Argentina). Average is still around 35 visitors per day, number of pages per visitor slightly lower.

But there are some more news: I decided to eliminate most of the advertisement in this blog, since id did not produce almost any income to me, and it used too much space. Furthermore, since the new Over-Blog blogs do link (if you want to...) with personal accounts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... my blog was classified as "low interest". Income are somehow related to that interest.

Anyway, I am enganed in some new activities (up to where my free time allows me to...), so you might expect some interesting news in the next weeks. Maybe there will even be some new section in this blog...

By the way, if you want to raise the "interest" of this blog, feel free to leave a comment here...

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