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Yesterday, CreateSpace (editor of the paperback version of my books) gave me some good news: They removed all expenses related to the application of their Expanded Distribution Channels.

What does this mean? Well, from now on, my books will be available on book shops, libraries and educational centers... Even if they do not have them, those should be easily found in their databases, looking for author's name, title or ISBN. So, potentially, I will reach a broader audience.

But, of course, this has a drawback. By adding one more step in the logistics process (the end retailer) I also accepted a general price increase, to cover the commercial margin of that party. So my books are, from today on, a bit more expensive. 

At least in theory. Amazon (partner of CreateSpace) and bookshops "play" with their margins, so that they can apply seasonal or specific discounts to tease more readers into buying. So maybe this initial price increase will not be really noticed...

I will write here about any change that I observe in the sales...

(Oh, and if you are interested in buying some books, you might as well contact me - I can apply some nice discount myself...)

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