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It's been already several months since I write these articles, first on the Wikio platform (and also as a side effect on "The-Experts" and Over-Blog"), and finally only here.


I write mainly on photography and computing. I am interested mostly in the technology behind, and how can it be used to produce any artistic creation, whatever the kind.


Of course, we will always welcome personal (or from small companies) initiatives, such as the commented TriggerTrap. But today I propose a review of the latest ideas presented by the biggest camera manufacturers: Canon, Nikon and Sony. And to cap it all, the answer from Hasselblad.


In their web pages you can review their (public) R&D activities, in a quite comfortable way.



They propose a full technology review in their website. Furthermore, there is a link available for the download of the 2011 highlights. Strongly recommended.



In this case, they do not present a single file to be downloaded, but you may dive into their web pages to see separate articles and interviews with researchers, so you can get a hint on what the future looks like for them...


Inside Nikon's technology section, I recommend the "Life with Nikon" part, if you don't want to go too deep in technical details.



The big consumer electronics giant has its web, too. And there is a huge section available - and not only for photography. Interestingly, there is no information on their latest DSLR launches with translucent mirror...



The Swedish manufacturer, as expected, follows its own way. They do not need to present their technologies, each product is perfecto by itself. To look for information on Hasselblad improvements is like trying to analyze the technical novelty in Rolls-Royce cars (but there is, indeed!). Instead, they propose just a quick list to some techical articles...

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