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Update: Finally I could activate the option for file upload here in OverBlog. I'm still working on the topic of the home server, but until then you may find here a first sample:

EN01 120405

Black and white and colouring with GIMP

Please feel free to download and use the file. If possible, I would like to know your opinion on it... is it worth for you? What would you add, remove, change... just leave a comment below.

Yesterday I installed Wordpress in my home server (that's a long story...)

Over-blog does not allow for the upload of files other than images (except in pay subscriptions), so I will try to link this blog to a remote page, where I can provide further data files. 

ES01 120405 - Blanco y Negro coloreado con GIMPp  ES02 120405 - Marcos en GIMPp

Specifically, I am working in two directions: 

  • On one side, I started preparing PDF Documents, compiling groups of posts on a same topic (photos colouring, framing...), so that they can be downloaded as separate guides, with 10 - 15 pages each.
  • On the other side, you know that I am trying to sell my pictures. I still don't have a clear idea, but it seemts that Wordpress (thus the installation...) allows for the easy creation of PayPal-payment connectors. So the plan is to have this blog to include some advertisement, but to run the business externally from home...

Of course, if I get to install the system, I will also add a donation button :) - I know you liked some of my posts, maybe you'd also like to help me in maintaining it?

Oh, I have already some PDF file avilable - would you give me your opinion?

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