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Hi there!

Even when I think that my previous post on this closed the topic, I have been palying a bit with WinWGet. I found a nice one, if you are methodic and / or efficient. 

As you could read at the beginnig of this thread, WinWGet will download full pages, including images, for later offline navigation. We use it here to make a private backup copy of our Over-Blog posts. 

In order to make this backup, I recommended to create a page with a list of all posts to be retrieved. This page would be the one to be processed by WinWGet. However, there is still one more trick here:

If you did have some index pages, maybe per topic (such as me: photography, GIMP, computing...), you just need to create a list linking to those indexes - and not to all posts. As you can imagine, work is much simpler like this...

Then, all you have to do is to increase the number of levels to "dive into", from one to two. The needed parameter would be "--level=2" (remember the two hyphens). This way, WinWGet will process your first level (the list of indexes) and it will download all second level contents - the listed posts on each page...

Easy, ain't it?

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