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Versión en español

As you already know, since a few weeks ago I am living in Munich, Germany. It has been a big change, both personal and professional... and also the reason of my absence around here.

Now, I am trying to recover "normality", but with a small difference: even when I still write in Spanish and English (maybe I will start also in German soon...), now I use a Spanish keyboard (as now, from home), and sometimes one in English at work, connected to a German laptop... a small chaos, you can imagine. 

Keys layout do not match, I cannot find the "ñ", no accents... This reminded me of my University time and that post for the local humour magazine without a single "P" in it (but that's a different story). 

Now, I have a "post-it" on my monitor with the character codes for special Spanish and German letters, so I can type them with my English keyboard... In case you are in a similar situation, here is a small summary:

Spanish letter Alt + German letter Alt +
á 0225 ä 0228
é 0233 ö 0246
í 0237 ü 0252
ó 0243 Ä 0196
ú 0250 Ö 0214
ñ 0241 Ü 0220
Ñ 0209 ß 0223
¿ 0191    

Now you don't have any excuse not to write Spanish or German properly from abroad...

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