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As many of you already know, I started my blogger "adventure" at Wikio. In fact, I did not consider it a blog, but a series of on-demand technical articles (photography, computing).

Well, as it seems, the business model of Wikio did not succeed, and all writers were transferred to Over-Blog, with all prvileges from Wikio. Not bad... Anyway, methodology is different, and I already decided that I will not retire with this blog...

As a curiosity, I can see that my very first article for Wikio (needed to get the "writer" status in the Photography section, in Spanish) is the most read one in March... Most important, it was a topic proposed by me: Definition of size in a picture. In March it got 38 hits...

So, in spite of all efforts of Wikio to get a valid SEO positioning, and my effort to keep on adding information to my web page, I find that people is most interested in a post that is already one year old... Well done, albertog.

I Still have some pending ideas to develop, but I also check what the people is reading in my posts. It seems that lighting with external flash is current trend, once SLR cameras reached the mainstream... If I have some spare time, I will insist on that point.

I have some pending posts, too; I need to repair my camera, do a chemical development, find out how to sell my pictures in Internet... so get ready for some more new posts in this blog!


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