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To finish this series of posts on image framing with GIMP, I wanted to review some advanced ideas:

Enlarge asymmetrically

Basic concept is to enlarge the canvas (typically in the last step) in an asymmetrical way, so that more space is available (for example) in the lower side.

This may allow for the addition of a title or the author's name, so that it will be visible in the exhibition.

In the canvas resizing window, you may introduce (6) new dimensions (remember: you may not want to have exactly the same aspect ratio) and modify the relative position of the image to the frame, with the adjustment arrows (7), or rather by introducing directly a numeric input for the displacement in pixels.

For example, I propose the following to my original reference image (800 x 600 pixels):

  • Increase frame by 1% (8 pixels), black background
  • Increase frame by 1% (8 pixels), white background
  • Increase frame by 3% (24 pixels), black background
  • Increase frame by 200 pixels in vertical direction (up to 880 pixels), keeping current horizontal value (also 880) with black background
  • Then I add the author's name with white ink...

Notice that the final image is square now, even when the original picture is still in landscape form.

P1030099n bn752525vf finalp

Of course, you may decide too keep aspect ratio and just displace the image vertically - this option can be easier for you, when looking for a passing frame to your new canvas...


P1030099n bn752525vf final2p

But, isnt' there any way to produce a frame without enlarging the frame with a plain colour? - Of course, you can find some further proposals here...

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