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OK, it is decided. I will develop a new film. Well, it will not be that new, for I fould one lost roll in my fridge, a lapsed ILFORD PLUS FP4 125... With recommended use date of 2009.


In theory, chemicals in the film will degrade in time, as if they were exposed to very dim light... so the outcome might appear burned or flashed when developed... it will be interesting to check this outcome. Anyway, it is kept closed, in its plastic container inside a cardboard box and cooled (this will slow the reaction down)...

But before doing anything we need to prepare the setup. In this port we will create our "shopping list". I have the film, and a matching 35mm camera (a Praktica MTL-5B) that - I remember - is damaged.

As per my previous post, you will need to look for at least three chemicals: developer, stop bath and fixer. If possible, those should be from a same brand, to avoid any possible chemical incompatibility.

Which one to choose? Usually you will find inside the film cardboard box some instructions and tables. As a big improvement from the 90's, when I developed quite often, now we can find everything in Internet... so I looked for further processing tables for ILFORD films and (of course) I found them:


In my case, I always used the products from AGFA, specifically the Rodinal developer. In the table, I can see that this is compatible to my film, with specific data. So I get all chemicals from this brand.


Again, I found a forgotten trasure: this time, I was looking for the tools in my storage room, and I found some bottles... I don't really know if they still work, one of them I paid in PESETAS... so it is at least 10 years old.


Apart from this, you will need a development container, a spiral support (to hold the film firmly, avoiding it to stick to itself). Ideally, you would also need some measuring beaker (up to 300ml for one roll, 500ml for two).


You will also need a room that can be fully darkened (a bathroom without windows?), a working table, a bottle opener (yes...), a clock or chronograph, a clothes peg (to hang the roll to let it dry...) and some weight to attach when drying (another peg could do).

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