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More physics...

An interesting piece of information, sun light comes polarized to us. All colours (all wave lengths) "vibrate" in a same way: Electromagnetic fields theory speaks about two oscillating, perpendicular fields, an electric one and a magnetic one. 

Light from the rainbow is no exception. So with an apropriate filter, you may play with this characteristic.

Photography, at last

When taking pictures of a rainbow, you might use a Circular Polarizer Lens (CPL) filterso that at a specific angle you can remove all stray light and reflections, boosting the saturation and rainbow effect. 

But beware, you need to look for this specific angle. The CPL filter might remove completely the rainbow - Yes!

... and some cheap phylosophy...

To finish here, a small consideration. As you could read above, a rainbow is an optical effect caused by the sun, the droplets and your eye (or camera).

In theory, you might get to see a full circle (not just an arch) if relative positions were optimal. You might see all refraction angles. 

Thus, there is no such thing as a rainbow end. However, there is a special spot, needed to create it: You. Or your eye, if you would prefer. So you might think you are the treasure, something valuable, worth searching and keeping...

Likewise, you are unique: Since view points are different, it is impossible that two people "see" exactly the same rainbow. They just see something similar.

So what you see is unique, too, as you pictures will be...

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