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Finally I received the adapter on the post. It is a cheap part, bought on eBay. I don't have big expectations from it, but at least I hope I will be able to play around for a while during Winter...


Surprisingly, the adapter came with warranty slip and vendor's visit card... this provides an indication on its seriousness... Anyway, this is just a metallic ring (that's a point, not a plastic part), so no big failure should be expected.



Looking for the old 50mm lens, it gave me such chills... it is a fixed, compact lens (prime), thus its aperture value of f1.8, fully manual... but it is so SMALL! Of course, modern objectives include many lenses, adjustment motors for focusing and vibration compensation, aperture control...



Here you can see the size difference with my "usual" EF-S 18-200 lens.

Assembly confirms what the vendor's web page suggested; the Camera recognizes a dummy 50mm f1.4, which will not be change-able. Obviously, the manual lens will not respond to Canon's commands. The M42 screw fits properly, and the bajonett has been produced as an EF lens (red dot).



For the first trials, I will use Aperture priority ("Av" mode), and I will set the value manually both on the camera and the lens. Hopefully, the TTL metering will provide right exposition... Focusing is also manual - and with more friction that I could remember - but I guess this is good, let's see.


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