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After the Christmas break, I'm back again. As I commented in my previous post, the assembly of the old lens to the camera did not have any issue. Adapter build is quite solid, and in the final position the assembly seems very robust. Still the lens looks a bit small...


In the Program mode "P", which I leave as default for "unexpected" photos, the only indication I can see is the shift to Manual Focus (MF) mode, since the small Pentacon does not include any electronics that might respond to my camera.


When changing to Aperture priority (Av) I can see the manufacturer set value of f1.4 for the adapter ring. Even when adjustment arrows can be seen in the screen, rotation of the adjustment wheel in the camera will not produce any change here. In all cases, since the camera makes the light metering through the sensor itself, shutter speed adjustment should be automatic.


I take some few initial shots, with the camera in my hands. I only have the 18-200 lens around, which I just removed from the camera. Manual focus is more difficult than I remembered... Anyway, results are positive. I can use the old lens for taking photographs.

 fotografia 2846ep  fotografia 2848ep

Next step will be to test it under more preactical situations, such as macrophotography or landscape. For the first case, I still have some (passive) tube adapters, so my intention for the next post will be to make a comparison with my Canon EF 100mm Macro lens - intriguing, what the possible outcome will be, and what multiplication factor I can get out of it...


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