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Only a couple of days ago I commented the presentation of Raspberry Pi, a compact computer at a ridiculous cost, which could make the Arduino community tremble, due to the kind of operating system it could include - a Linux, more or less complete.

Well, today I read news on a new concept, which seems to be running around for some time already, too. 

fxi-6colors 1

Cotton Candy from the Company FXI Technologies.The concept in Cotton Candy is slightly different. The idea is to include a full computer, but in this case... in the size of a memory stick. It would connect directly to the monitor (through a HDMI connection) and it would be powered through an USB connector, on the other side.

As I say, the concept is totally different, something that can also be noticed in the price segment planned for the initial samples - around $199. 

Cotton Candy would work with Ubuntu and Android 4.0, whereas Raspberry Pi is planned to work with other flavours of Linux. It would include a 1.2GHz dual core ARM Cortex A9 and 1Gb RAM, plus WiFi, Bluetooth, dedicated GPU...

Of course, I stopped all my Arduino plans. If the trend continues, we may face a completely different scenario in a few months, when planning to create some "home toys"...

More info?

FXI Technologies, www.fxitech.com

Cotton Candy Development Community, www.cstick.com


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